1. Don’t sleep with your phone cradled in your hands. Don’t let your heart drop every time your phone buzzes and it’s not him. If he didn’t text you an hour ago, he’s not going to text you an hour from now.

2. There is nothing romantic about killing yourself one cigarette at a time.

3. Being with someone else will not make you feel better. Don’t let your self worth be determined by boys who call you beautiful for an hour. People are not medicine. They are not going to fix you.

4. As much as denies may it, it’s bullshit, he fucking misses you.

5. Don’t push people away. Let yourself be loved. Not everyone will hurt you like he did. He is just a boy with hazel eyes and a heartbeat, but my god you are so much more than just a girl.


5 things I learned when you left (via unravul)

(via unravul)

You told me you don’t love me and that I’m insane… But did you ever think that you made me insane from how much I love you and how much you just keep pushing me away? Pain can make you crazy.

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